2021: Year in Review

Happy Summer, y'all! It's been a while since I posted and realized I never published my "Year in Review" for 2021. Better late than never! Let's get right into how the rest of 2021 went. The 2021 retail holiday season was rough. I worked overtime every week from Black Friday to New Years because we… Continue reading 2021: Year in Review

The Greek’s Christmas Baby

Author: Lucy Monroe Artist: Rika Kawashima Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: Eden always heeded her mother’s warnings when it came to love. But after meeting the charming Aristide, she couldn’t help but put those doubtful thoughts behind her. Once they married, their two worlds soon began to drive them apart. To make matters worse, a car accident… Continue reading The Greek’s Christmas Baby

Christmas with the Prince

Author: Michelle Celmer Artist: Kuremi Hazama Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: Liv was used to the idea that she had only herself and that there was no use in dreaming of a happy life with a family. That is until she met Prince Aaron, an irresistible and persistent man. All Liv wanted to do was focus on… Continue reading Christmas with the Prince