Where’d 2021 go?!

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday!

2021 has gone by in a flash! A lot has changed since my last update, so let’s jump right to it.

Since February, I lettered more Yuri/GL titles and less Harlequin comics. Definitely was a nice change of pace because I can only take so much over to top romance.

Over the summer, I applied to a letterer job posting for Crazy Maple Studio (CMS) and forgot about it because all other webtoons/webcomics publishers I applied to rejected me. So it was a nice surprise a few days later to get an email requesting a video call interview with the project coordinator. Funny thing is during our introductions on the call:

  • Him: “All the information we’ll be discussing is the same thing our CEO mentioned during your first interview.”
  • Me: “Um… this is my first interview, so I came to this call with just my experience and information I could find about Crazy Maple Studio.”
  • Him: “Oh! Sorry about that. I guess he just forwarded you along because of your experience. Let me get you set up with all the documents you’ll need before you start lettering a project. I’ll send over the links right now.”
  • Me: “Cool! Looking forward to it.”

That hour long conversation was wonderfully fun. He would give suggestions and tricks in Photoshop and I would respond back, “I use the same tricks, too!” Once he realized he doesn’t have to breakdown everything, it made the call feel more like shooting the breeze with a fellow veteran.

Juggling more than 1 project a week has been challenging and fun the last few months. Surprisingly not as stressful as I thought it might be when I started accepting projects from CMS. It’s especially great when the files I work with aren’t flattened and I can just hide unnecessary layers. One of the webcomics I worked on these last few months is now available to read on CMS’s KISS Romance mobile app (iOS & Google Play) and it’s called “The Demons We Battle” also known as “Ogus’ Law” or “Monstrous Heart (Tapas Edition)”. I lettered from episode 16-35 so far, so go check out the KISS Romance app while the comics section is still free-to-read.

Since it’s now the Holiday Season, we’ll see how stressed I am by the end of the year. Please, remember to be kind to the retail associates, we are just doing our jobs and try to make your holiday shopping experience pleasant.

I hope all of y’all have a pleasant day and week!