Her Longed-For Family

Author: Josie Metcalfe
Artist: Hiroko Miura
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: Eight years ago, a great tragedy befell Libby Cornish and it changed her life forever. To this day she’s still haunted by her repressed memories of that night. But when her old classmate and one-sided crush Nick Howell joins her team, Libby’s nights take a turn for the better. She experiences dreams of them kissing—dreams so vivid she can feel them long after they’ve ended. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear they weren’t dreams at all.
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A Pretend Engagement

Author: Jessica Steele
Artist: Kaoru Shinozaki
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: An unfortunate string of events sends Varnie running off to her countryside home to be alone for a while. Imagine her surprise when she finds out she’s not the only one using her house to hide out. Apparently her stepbrother gave his boss permission to use Varnie’s home as his own private getaway spot. However, what’s more unsettling is that her stepbrother’s boss is none other than Leon Beaumont, the infamous adulterer who’s currently the headlining topic in every gossip magazine. To make matters even worse, her stepbrother’s job is at risk if Varnie kicks Leon out.
Ebook Available: kindle, kobo, comiXology

Nine-to-Five Bride

Author: Jennie Adams
Artist: Rin Natsumi
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: While filling in for her superior, Marissa has to work closely with the company head, Rick Morgan. He’s definitely quite the charmer, but seems more concerned with his work than anything else. Even though Marissa could see herself falling for Rick, she’s already learned her lesson about dating her superiors and looks elsewhere for her marriage-material mate. But working alongside Rick, she begins to see beyond his workaholic veneer Rick claims he has no intention of ever becoming a family man—but will Marissa make him change his mind?
Ebook Available: kindle, Renta!, kobo