New titles now available

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y'all!! I've been SO busy the last few months that I missed a lot of new releases/updates for the titles I've lettered. Y'all ready for all the links?! Card Master [Bundle] - Renta! Christmas with the Prince - kindle | kobo | nook | Renta! The Greek's… Continue reading New titles now available

Her Longed-For Family

Author: Josie Metcalfe Artist: Hiroko Miura Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: Eight years ago, a great tragedy befell Libby Cornish and it changed her life forever. To this day she’s still haunted by her repressed memories of that night. But when her old classmate and one-sided crush Nick Howell joins her team, Libby’s nights take a turn… Continue reading Her Longed-For Family

New Harlequin Title now available

I hope y'all are having a splendid Friday. From last week's release it looks I missed that Her Longed-For Family also was available. Plus, more titles are now available on kobo, so here are the links: Her Longed-For Family - kindle | kobo A Pretend Engagement - kobo Nine-to-Five Bride - Renta! | kobo I'll… Continue reading New Harlequin Title now available

A Pretend Engagement

Author: Jessica Steele Artist: Kaoru Shinozaki Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: An unfortunate string of events sends Varnie running off to her countryside home to be alone for a while. Imagine her surprise when she finds out she’s not the only one using her house to hide out. Apparently her stepbrother gave his boss permission to use… Continue reading A Pretend Engagement