2020: Year in Review

Goodbye, 2020! Hello, 2021! Seriously, 2020 was such a weird and accomplishing year.

Started the year strong, but kept an eye on the mysterious virus coming out of Wuhan. Didn’t think it would hit us because the last virus from Asia that I could remember was the Avian Flu and that never made it to Texas. Texas had it first cases mid February and then we really were paying attention in my store. By March, the city of Austin was already issuing some curfews and possible lockdowns. By mid-March or SXSW aka Spring Break (depending on the age group), Austin was in shutdown.

During this period, I was on crutches for injuring my left foot, which still aches when the temperature shifts fast. Some blessings, Amazon was partially paying us, then I was able to draw disaster unemployment, I worked on manga contracts, and read a lot of books. Also did some spring cleaning around the house after I was off crutches of course. So those nearly 12 weeks at home was a nice reprieve from the daily grind.

Since I mentioned my contracts, I worked on a total of 41 Harlequin manga. I believe 35 of them are already released plus 7 I worked on in 2019.

I slammed my 2020 Reading Challenge of 200 books out of the park as y’all can see in the pic.

Coco’s Year in Books

Bookstore news, we reopened Memorial Day weekend with limited hours, face mask required sanitizing every 2 hours, and social distancing. It’s amazing how many times in the last 8 months I’ve had to remind adult customers to wear their masks correctly. I also got promoted from Full-time Keyholder to Full-time Lead in October. Only new job duties include access to HR related tools and sources to help manage our team, so the Lead position is equivalent to an Assistant Store Manager.

That was my 2020. Hope y’all got through it safely and with good health. Cheers to 2021!