2022: Year in Review

Long time no see, y'all! I hope your holiday celebrations were safe and fun! As y'all can see, I've been busy this year with my contracts. Though, I didn't realize HOW many projects I worked on. Too bad most of the titles I've worked on are behind NDAs. I had a lot of work related… Continue reading 2022: Year in Review

Where It Rains

English Title: Where It Rains Japanese Title: Ameiro no Ibasho 雨色の居場所 Ushoku no Ibasho Mangaka: Fuuri Misasagi Japanese Publisher: Taiyou Tosho English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi Synopsis: “There are people who stand in the way, just by existing.” After cowardly quitting his company and abandoning his wife and child, Izumi Karashima… Continue reading Where It Rains