Where It Rains

English Title: Where It Rains Japanese Title: Ameiro no Ibasho 雨色の居場所 Ushoku no Ibasho Mangaka: Fuuri Misasagi Japanese Publisher: Taiyou Tosho English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi Synopsis: “There are people who stand in the way, just by existing.” After cowardly quitting his company and abandoning his wife and child, Izumi Karashima… Continue reading Where It Rains

In These Words Ch 10

My preorder of ch10 plus the David cell phone charm arrived today, so I'll definitely take time from lettering this weekend to read this beauty. Really LOVE Guilt|Pleasure's works! I still need to add last week's screen caps from Kuroko's Basketball, too. *facepalm* It's been a busy week for me at my regular job, so… Continue reading In These Words Ch 10