Lettering Update and Cool Manga Holiday Sales

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

I’ve finished the 2 Harlequin manga titles I had for the week and now I can look forward to my Christmas Break (starts Friday). I had a few hiccups with the 2nd title due to poor editing. The editor missed a WHOLE lot of obvious typos, a few missing SFX translations, and a couple of SFX translations that made no sense. Example:


I changed it to: DING DONG.

That’s just one of many I spotted.

Enough about poor editing… Let’s get to some cool digital manga holiday sales! Continue reading “Lettering Update and Cool Manga Holiday Sales”

SO much text at the end!

Well, it seems my hands don’t want to cooperate with me after 10 hours of lettering, which leaves me with 5 pages left in Kaempfer v03 (an omake afterword). *sigh* This afterword is SO text heavy: 5-7 panels and each panel has 5-12 text bubbles/boxes and aside lettering. I thought Where It Rains was bad, but Kaempfer takes the cake. *end rant*

Anyone else going to watch U-20 Women’s World Cup this week? Opening matches start Tuesday with USA vs. GER. It’ll be another interesting World Cup.

Wishing y’all a wonderful week!

More Harlequin?!

Just checked my email and found out I’ll be working on 2 Harlequin titles the next 2 weeks!! *scream face*

Now I really need to work my schedule so I can get Brave Dan (30 pages left) and Kaempfer v03 (15 pages lettered) done. The stress is pouring on since next weekend I’ll be at San Japan.

So much for taking a leisure break this weekend and enjoying the World Cup finals. GO Germany!! Wir werden es schaffen!!

Lettering On Hiatus Plus More World Cup Fever

Happy Hump Day!

I’m still waiting on the files for the shonen title I had wanted to start cleaning Thursday. *sigh* I inquired about it again yesterday and my project coordinator asked if I wanted take on a small 18 page assignment while waiting… of course I said YES. I just finished sending the files her way. Now it’s the waiting game again.

On a better note, I’m enjoying the Men’s FIFA World Cup (WC) matches. Especially Germany’s 4-0 win against Portugal has been my favorite so far. The USA 2-1 win against Ghana is a close second. Some of the matches have been quite disappointing, but that’ll take too long to explain. This year’s WC is going to be VERY interesting to say the least.

Wishing y’all an AWESOME Wednesday!