Where It Rains

Where It Rains is now availableEnglish Title: Where It Rains
Japanese Title: Ameiro no Ibasho
Ushoku no Ibasho
Mangaka: Fuuri Misasagi
Japanese Publisher: Taiyou Tosho
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Synopsis: “There are people who stand in the way, just by existing.”

After cowardly quitting his company and abandoning his wife and child, Izumi Karashima takes up a job as Suzu Kotomiya’s private tutor. After meeting Suzu, and hitting it off, he becomes intimidated by Suzu’s invasive attachment and expectations. Angered by Izumi’s attempt to leave him, Suzu boldly declares “I didn’t give you permission to run away” and shackles Karashima with a belt.

It’s “that” kind of book.
Ebook Available: eManga, nook, Juné

Finished Where It Rains and Now Onwards to Harlequin

Just finished finalizing Where It Rains and am currently sending finalized files to DMGuild.

My next contract is another Harlequin Manga title. I started cleaning the pages last night and started giggling at the clichés. I only have this week to completely letter the book. From what I’ve cleaned so far, this title is not as “sparkly” as Mistletoe Over Manhattan, which means not as many redraws need to be done. >_<

Oh! Moon & Blood Band 4 released yesterday, so I’ll post the book info later today during my next lettering break.

Back To Lettering!


Just finished reading through the final script and only spotted a few things I may need to rewrite due to length and bubble size. The script finally looks like it’s been edited, which makes me happy. Now I just have to check and see what changes there are to the first 35 pages. Hopefully not much, so I don’t have to reletter them.

Definitely can’t wait to start lettering again tomorrow after work!!