Happy 801 Day!

Happy Yaoi (801) Day & Happy Friday!!

There are quite a few promotions going on for today only or till the 8th.

First up, 801 Media’s books are 28% off at emanga.com and something special included with purchase.
801 Media Yaoi Day Sale

At RightStuf you can save up to 50% off on their BL Sale.
RightStuf BL Sale

SuBLime Manga is having a 50% off digital volume 1s and select oneshot series.
SuBLime Manga 801 Digital Sale
Here’s a list of the digital volumes on sale:

Awkward Silence V1 Dog Style V1 Embracing Love V1
False Memories V1 Future Lovers V1 Gay’s Anatomy: Episode Zero
His Favorite V1 Husband, Honeymoon V1 Into Illusion Episode 1
Lost Letters Mister Mistress V1 Oh, My God V1
Punch Up V1 Scandalous Seiryo University Selfish Love V1
Spiritual Police V1 Starting with a Kiss V1 Sweet Pool V1
Sword and Mist The Ravishing of the Crown Prince The Scent of Apple Blossoms V1
Yebisu Celebrities V1

In other news, I’m almost done lettering Kämpfer v03. \o/ I have 50 pages left to complete by Monday. More great news, my project coordinator informed me that I’ll be receiving a print copy of Moon & Blood v01-04 German later this year since Yazawa-sensei will be doing a personal print run. *happy dance* Now I’m going back to lettering.

Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!

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    1. You’re welcome!
      I know, right?! I definitely took advantage and bought a whole bunch of digital titles.

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