2022: Year in Review

Long time no see, y’all! I hope your holiday celebrations were safe and fun!

As y’all can see, I’ve been busy this year with my contracts. Though, I didn’t realize HOW many projects I worked on. Too bad most of the titles I’ve worked on are behind NDAs.

I had a lot of work related changes in 2022:

  1. Amazon closed all their Amazon Books & Amazon 4Star locations end of March, but still worked for Amazon till May 7th.
  2. Added another publisher to my client list beginning of September, MediBang. Too bad they pay Japanese page rates ranging from $2-$3 per black & white page or $3.50-$5 per colored page. Started first simulpub series on MangaPlus.
  3. Started working part-time at Barnes & Noble in November, 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. $11 an hour is not livable, but it’s paying my bills and that’s it.
  4. Still looking for full-time work because definitely am not making a livable wage right now.

Non-work related…

I did a LOT of reading this year. Mostly manga/manwha, webcomics, webnovels, and light novels, but I think the last time I read this much was during lock down. Below is my Goodread’s “2022 Year in Books”:

Truthfully, I went over 600 books read this year, but since not all books are registered on Goodreads. It’s hard to gauge the accurate number. I may increase my reading challenge for 2023 to 300 books, so y’all can follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading or have read.

I’m hoping for a fruitful year in 2023, so let’s see what 2023 will bring me. Wishing y’all a Happy New Year!

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