Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Image courtesy of FUNimation.com

Image courtesy of FUNimation.com

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It’s that time of year and since I’m still single, all of y’all are my valentines!! >///< This is my thank you to y'all!! *hugs* I appreciate ALL the response and support I get from y'all. So… THANK YOU!!

Wishing y'all a wonderful day with your significant other! Or if you're single (like me)… I hope you have a wonderfully beautiful Saturday.

P.S. I'm attending a Fasching party tonight, so I'll be cosplaying. \(^o^)/ I may post a few selfies on my Instagram.

EDIT: I finished work too late Saturday, so I didn’t have time to dress in my cosplay. T_T But I did have a LOT of fun at the party.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine's Day

Image Source: Funimation’s Facebook page

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!
I wanted to show my appreciation to all who follow/read my blog. Thank You!!

Side note: With it being V-day and a long weekend I’ll be busy this weekend at my part-time job, which means I most likely won’t get the chance to watch KuroBas Ep 44.
I wish everyone a lovely weekend.