Staying Home/Working From Home Update

Hey y’all!!

I’m on week 10 of staying home/working from home and I’m starting to miss my store team. We video conference once a week, but I’m kinda missing the physical interactions now. I’m not complaining since I still have my contract manga work and large stack/list of books to read.

Speaking of reading, I’m more than halfway through my Ani-May Reading Challenge. I think I’m going to surpass the number of manga, comics and light novels I read last year. Feel free to check out the list on my Goodreads profile.

Because it’s been 10 weeks since I lugged around 50 lb boxes, I lost quite a bit of muscle. This week I started: stretching, full body workouts, going for long walks, and just do anything to build up muscle and stamina. Got to get my body used to walking 5-6 miles and lifting 30-60 boxes per shift.

Just found out that AnimeFest & Game Fest 2020 are cancelled. That leaves IKKiCON (December) as my only convention for 2020, unless they cancel, too. Guess we’ll find out in August or September when they start making Guest and Panels announcements.

Hope y’all enjoy the rest of your week! Stay safe and healthy!!

New Look

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

I updated the blog’s theme since the original theme was retired. It’s still growing on me, but so far I like it.

Like most of the world, I’ve been home now for 4 weeks.

I also am now on Ko-fi and y’all can find me by searching: cgcornett or click here. It’s still new to me, so I haven’t decided how I want to utilize the platform. Are any of y’all on Ko-fi? If so, how do you use it?

As for lettering work, that’s been very steady. I’m working on one title a week, but we’ll see how that works out come next week. Here in Texas, Governor Abbott announced the non-essential retailers can open back up Friday, April 24th, but only as curb-side pickup. My Amazon Books location doesn’t have that yet, so it’s going to be interesting what my boss tells us tomorrow or Thursday.

Y’all stay safe and healthy!

General Update

Oops! It’s been over a month since I last published a post. Life’s been really busy this past month. Here’s what I did the past month:

  • Worked on a few lettering contracts
  • Started/completed a new project at my main job
  • Working more hours at my part-time job in preparation for Christmas
  • Helping mom with housework & yard work
  • Catching up on books, comics, manga, anime, and TV series

As y’all can see, whenever I did have downtime it was spent away from my computer. My plan for the week of Thanksgiving: complete ALL the drafts I have in queue, hash out some more lines of code on my new web portfolio, tinker with some Adobe CC apps, start sketching again, and maybe take on a couple lettering contracts.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend! <3