Back To Lettering!



Just finished reading through the final script and only spotted a few things I may need to rewrite due to length and bubble size. The script finally looks like it’s been edited, which makes me happy. Now I just have to check and see what changes there are to the first 35 pages. Hopefully not much, so I don’t have to reletter them.

Definitely can’t wait to start lettering again tomorrow after work!!

Yaoi Lettering Paused


Over the weekend, I sent an email to my coordinator inquiring about all the rewriting/editing I was doing just in the first 35 pages. Now it’s normal for me to rewrite a few text bubbles due to length, but this book is ridiculous with the wordage.
Note: I’m only contracted as the letterer for Where It Rains, so I shouldn’t be rewriting/editing the script.

Due to all the edits I was doing, my coordinator inquired to the editor about it and found out that the script I was using wasn’t even the final script. I receive the “final” script and notice very little difference between the previous version and also spotted that the edits I made in my copy weren’t even corrected in the “final” script. I sent another email back to my coordinator and explained what I spotted in the “final” script. In her reply email, she asks me to stop lettering so she can have another editor look over the script. Now I’m in limbo waiting for the “final final” script.