Bleach ch628-631 & Folie À Deux *spoilers*

Happy Thursday, y'all!! Last night I caught up on Weekly Shonen Jump (4 issues). I'm embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget that there's a new issue until like four or five issues have released. Onto the main point of this post. Oh!! Spoilers ahead!! Images from Have I mentioned how much I LOVE… Continue reading Bleach ch628-631 & Folie À Deux *spoilers*

Bleach ch625-626 Reaction *Spoiler Warning*

I try to not do more than 1 post a day, but I just couldn't contain myself!! >_< Just finished reading last and this week's Weekly Shonen Jump and... Grimmy!!! >///< I'm SO pumped to cosplay him as one of my cosplays for the summer/fall conventions. Funny thing is I had to re-read both chapters… Continue reading Bleach ch625-626 Reaction *Spoiler Warning*