New titles now available

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y’all!

Oops! I haven’t been keeping up with the titles I’ve lettered as they release, which led to this LONG list of link updates. Onward to the links!

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More Harlequin Titles now available on Renta! and kobo

Happy New Comic Book Day, y’all!!

Looks like a lot of Harlequin titles are now available on other platforms. 2 new ones on Renta! and a whole bunch now on kobo.

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More Harlequin Titles on kindle and nook!

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day!!

Two new Harlequin Manga titles now available on kindle and another title available on nook.

Book Info pages will go live shortly.

Happy Reading, y’all!!

To Be a Husband

Author: Carole Mortimer
Artist: Yoko Hanabusa
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: When new lives are brought into the world, Gaye is there to help! She works as a nurse in the maternity ward, and when she mistakes Jonathan for a father-to-be, he’s too surprised to explain that he’s just the new uncle. Jonathan soon offers the nurse a ride home, but Gaye refuses to be dropped off at her doorstep. Gaye is hiding something, but how much longer can she manage alone? Jonathan is determined to find out her secret, but will he be able to handle the truth?
Ebook Available: nook, Renta!, kobo, BookWalker, comiXology