Updates, Orange Junk Kickstarter, and Black Friday Deals

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!

In preparation of family visiting for Thanksgiving, I spend all Monday cleaning out the guest room and in the process I came across an old picture of my gymnast self, my late sister’s art portfolio, box of her manga, and a memorial poster her fellow servers at Texas Roadhouse created. So what was supposed to be a spring cleaning kind of day turned out to be an emotional (in a good way) day.

Like I mentioned in my last update, I plan to get through my drafts and hopefully get them completed along with working my part-time job and working on some lettering contracts. Now on to the good stuff… Sparkler Monthly Kickstarter and Black Friday deals!

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And the Sparkler Monthly Raffle Winners are…

Hope y’all had a spooky fun night last night!

Anyway… Here’s what y’all have been waiting for. 😉 *drumroll* The winners are:

The random function always amazes me when I use it and then sort from largest to smallest.
I’ll be sending the winners an email with their gift code and how to redeem the code.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

Why you should subscribe to Sparkler Monthly

If y’all are avid shojo, josei, and/or audio drama fans, then Sparkler Monthly is right up your alley.
Never heard of Sparkler Monthly? Here’s a snip from their About page:

Sparkler Monthly is a multimedia, digital shojo/josei magazine of original English-language fiction.
The primary audience for Sparkler Monthly is girls and women aged 15 and up, or anyone interested in the rough ballpark of Female Gaze. Our four founders and most of our staff identify as female and are committed to promoting inclusive, fem-positive, and ridiculously fun content.

Still haven’t piqued your interest? Then check out the Year 1 Sampler, which includes the first chapters from all Year 1 series: Off*Beat, Dire Hearts, Windrose, The Ring of Saturn, Gauntlet, Tokyo Demons, Dinner Ditz, Awake, Dusk in Kalevia, Skyglass, & Dead Endings.

Before Sparkler Monthly, there was Tokyo Demons written by Lianne Sentar and illustrated by rem. I came across Tokyo Demons around Christmas 2012, when a sidebar ad popped up while I was reading some fan fiction. Let’s just say that I absorbed ALL that was available of Tokyo Demons at the time. It’s a really good series that hits you right in the feels. I’m totally looking forward to Book 3 in Sparkler. But what brought me to Sparkler was the Off*Beat vol. 1-2 Kickstarter especially since they announced that Off*Beat vol. 3 would be serialized in the magazine. Other than Off*Beat & Tokyo Demons, I seriously fell in love with the light novel Gauntlet, an urban survival game with some dark twists. The audio dramas are really good, too. I’ll admit I didn’t start listening to Awake till chapter 6 and told myself, “Why didn’t I start this from the get go?!” There’s also a mature imprint: Cherry Bomb, which I’ll say are quite intriguing reads. Cherry Bomb Collection 1 is a collection of short stories for Awake, Gauntlet, Skyglass, and Tokyo Demons.

Sparkler Monthly gives us (members) such a great selection of titles, that it still surprises me that there aren’t more members. The subscriber exclusives are definitely one of my favorite benefits to being a subscriber.

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