Card Master

Happy Thursday, y’all!!

Yesterday was new release day on Renta! and one of the new titles was Card Master!! *\(^o^)/* I loved lettering this shojo title… it has supernatural/paranormal elements and a little hint of shonen-ai. Renta! released chapters 1-5, but based on the preview pages for ch5 it looks like they may have gotten the chapter to page count wrong. Chapter 5 preview is the first 4 pages of ch6, but check it out for yourselves!

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Rainbow Waltz

Rainbow Waltz by Yuriko AsamiEnglish Title: Rainbow Waltz
Japanese Title: Nanairo no Enbukyoku
Mangaka: Yuriko Asami
Japanese Publisher: Media Factory
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genre: Comedy, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shojo
Synopsis: Shizuka is a normal girl, enjoying her life with friends and family. Unknown to her, her life is about to change overnight! She becomes a princess, and has to adjust to living a very different life than what she is accustomed to. Along her new path are seven men, each either handsome, charming or plain mysterious. How would these men impact her life? Would Shizuka ever get used to her life? What would life be like if you became a princess overnight?
License Expired
eBook Available: Renta!, BookWalker

Pandra Restaurant!

Pandra Restaurant by Riri SagaraEnglish Title: Pandra Restaurant!
Japanese Title: Pandra Restaurant!
Mangaka: Riri Sagara
Japanese Publisher: Media Factory
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genre: Comedy, Shojo, Slice of Life
Synopsis: There’s an unusual restaurant located in the suburbs of Japan. Take a look at the livelihoods and vignettes of the staff. Is it an appeal to your senses, to mention that they are personified versions of cookware? Begin with Manaita’s journey on finding his own place at Restaurant Pandra. It really is not easy being a plastic cutting board alongside more experienced cooking utensils. But he would make the most of it!
License Expired
eBook Available: Renta!, BookWalker

New Lettering Assignment

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Woohoo! Yesterday, I was a assigned a new title to letter. This time it’s a shoujo and the third volume in the series again. At least this time I’ll know what’s going on, since I’ve read the first two volumes. (Will tell y’all the title later.) So far I’ve lettered the cover page, table of contents, and splash pages. Will start lettering the first chapter tonight.

Some other news… Mistletoe Over Manhattan is now available at eManga. I also added the link to Mistletoe Over Manhattan’s book info page.

Two more days till the weekend!!