Personal and General Updates!

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y’all!!

If y’all were wondering why I was so quiet the last week and a half on social media, it’s because I was on Spring Break. It was nice to relax around the house, do some spring cleaning, tackling my “to read” stack, watching Zootopia, and meeting up with friends. It went by WAY too fast, but had a blast!

Now onto to some updates…

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Pandra Restaurant!

Pandra Restaurant by Riri SagaraEnglish Title: Pandra Restaurant!
Japanese Title: Pandra Restaurant!
Mangaka: Riri Sagara
Japanese Publisher: Media Factory
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genre: Comedy, Shojo, Slice of Life
Synopsis: There’s an unusual restaurant located in the suburbs of Japan. Take a look at the livelihoods and vignettes of the staff. Is it an appeal to your senses, to mention that they are personified versions of cookware? Begin with Manaita’s journey on finding his own place at Restaurant Pandra. It really is not easy being a plastic cutting board alongside more experienced cooking utensils. But he would make the most of it!
License Expired
eBook Available: Renta!, BookWalker

Expired DMGuild License Shojo Titles available on Renta!

Rainbow Waltz and Pandra Restaurant

Happy Friday, y’all!!

I checked Renta! this morning and noticed that 2 DMGuild titles I lettered are now available to read by chapter. Over the summer, both Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz‘s license expired, which made me sad because both titles are such cute shojos.

Later today I’ll post the Book Info for each book, but for now here are the links to Renta!: Pandra Restaurant and Rainbow Waltz.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!