Mr. December

Author: Heather Macallister
Artist: Kiriko Higashizato
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: Spencer Price has a hand in the robotics field, literally. But designing robotic hands costs a lot of money, so he’s helped fund his ambitions by posing for a “science hunks” calendar as Mr. December. When he’s forced to help promote the calendar, Lexi Price makes a deal with him: come to her odd family’s Christmas dinner, and she’ll vouch for what an amazing a date he is. When Price realizes that she comes from money, he thinks he may have just found the supporter he needs.
Ebook Available: kindle, kobo, Renta!, comiXology

Happy New Comic Book Day, y’all!!

Hope y’all enjoyed my highly personal Liebster Award post last night. If you missed it, then I’d say go have a look. Now for some Harlequin links! One new title is out: Mr. December. I really enjoyed lettering this one.

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  • Mr. Decemberkindle

I’ll post the book info page for Mr. December shortly.

Wishing y’all a beautiful day and Happy Reading!!