Harlequin Titles now available on kobo

Looks like all the Harlequin titles that are available on other platforms are now on kobo, too!! Plus they have 50 page previews, which equates to about one-third of the book.

Here are the links:

New Lettering Assignment

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Woohoo! Yesterday, I was a assigned a new title to letter. This time it’s a shoujo and the third volume in the series again. At least this time I’ll know what’s going on, since I’ve read the first two volumes. (Will tell y’all the title later.) So far I’ve lettered the cover page, table of contents, and splash pages. Will start lettering the first chapter tonight.

Some other news… Mistletoe Over Manhattan is now available at eManga. I also added the link to Mistletoe Over Manhattan’s book info page.

Two more days till the weekend!!

Mistletoe Over Manhattan

Looks like the Harlequin Manga I worked on in the new year is now available on the Kindle. I’ve added the link to my Titles I’ve Lettered page, but here’s the book’s info:

Mistletoe Over ManhattanAuthor: Barbara Daly
Artist: Natsue Ogoshi
Synopsis: Mallory’s a lawyer who believes that efficiency and performance is everything in life. Because of this perfectionism trait of hers, her superiors and coworkers don’t view or treat her as a woman. But she has secretly had her heart set on someone. His nickname is “21st Century Casanova” and he’s been the target of her unrequited love since their law school days. For this next job, the lawyers are broken up into pairs and she ends up paired with him, Carter Compton. The two of them are sent to New York, alone, for a job. In order to attract the playboy, she decides to transform herself into a sexy, gorgeous type of girl that he won’t be able to resist…
eBook Available: ComiXology, Renta!, nook, kobo