Ani-May Reading Challenge

Better late than never, right? I hope y'all are enjoying your summer. It's been either 100+F or mid 80sF with summer storms here in Texas. Onwards to what manga I read in May. The above video is of my Ani-May 2018 Goodreads bookshelf in order from most recent read to oldest. I highly enjoyed giving… Continue reading Ani-May Reading Challenge

Love Prism

English Title: Love Prism Japanese Title: ラブプγƒͺγ‚Ίγƒ  ζ‹ηˆ±ζ£±ι•œ Mangaka: Asami Tojo Japanese Publisher: Magazine Magazine English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Genres: Drama, Yaoi Synopsis: Rita finds Hiraku annoying and cold, but that doesn't stop him from finding Hiraku fascinating as well! One day, Orita heads over to Kiraku's house only to discover Hiraku and his… Continue reading Love Prism

Graduate – Winter

English Title: Graduate - Winter Japanese Title: Sotsugyousei - 2nd Season 卒ζ₯­η”Ÿ-冬- Mangaka: Asumiko Nakamura Japanese Publisher: Akaneshinsha English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi Synopsis: In this poignant continuation of the classmates series, Sajou and Kusakabe continue down the slippery slope of high school life. Every decision scrutinized, every comment misunderstood, every… Continue reading Graduate – Winter