Titles available on BookWalker Global

Happy Friday, y'all! I was poking around BookWalker Global this morning and saw a few of the titles I worked on are available in their store. I've updated the Book Info pages with their links, but here are the titles on BookWalker. Note: For the series I've worked on, I've provided the link to the… Continue reading Titles available on BookWalker Global

1 of 2 Harlequin Lettered and Other Updates

G'morning, y'all!! Last night I finished 1 of 2 Harlequin titles! I also beat a personal record for number of pages lettered in one day... Was 55, but now it's 76!! I'm so proud of myself. 😀 Today, if time permits after doing yard work and other weekly household chores, I'll start lettering the second… Continue reading 1 of 2 Harlequin Lettered and Other Updates

Kämpfer Vol.3

English Title: Kämpfer Vol. 3 Japanese Title: けんぷファー 肯普法 Kampfer Author: Toshihiko Tsukiji Illustrators: Senmu, Yu Tachibana Japanese Publisher: Media Factory English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shonen Synopsis: Natsuru Seno is your standard teenager that goes to an all-boy's school... except when he (through no control or will of his… Continue reading Kämpfer Vol.3