A Pretend Engagement

Author: Jessica Steele Artist: Kaoru Shinozaki Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: An unfortunate string of events sends Varnie running off to her countryside home to be alone for a while. Imagine her surprise when she finds out she’s not the only one using her house to hide out. Apparently her stepbrother gave his boss permission to use… Continue reading A Pretend Engagement

Nine-to-Five Bride

Author: Jennie Adams Artist: Rin Natsumi Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: While filling in for her superior, Marissa has to work closely with the company head, Rick Morgan. He’s definitely quite the charmer, but seems more concerned with his work than anything else. Even though Marissa could see herself falling for Rick, she’s already learned her lesson… Continue reading Nine-to-Five Bride

New Harlequin Comics Titles on kindle

Happy New Comic Book Day, y'all!! Checked Amazon's kindle Store and saw that two more titles I lettered are now available. Both of these titles started out slow and built up, so check them out. Thumbnails link to kindle. I'm short on time this week, so I'll add the Book Info pages for Nine-to-Five Bride… Continue reading New Harlequin Comics Titles on kindle

Mr. December

Author: Heather Macallister Artist: Kiriko Higashizato Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: Spencer Price has a hand in the robotics field, literally. But designing robotic hands costs a lot of money, so he’s helped fund his ambitions by posing for a “science hunks” calendar as Mr. December. When he’s forced to help promote the calendar, Lexi Price makes… Continue reading Mr. December