Lettering Update

Phew! Turned in the first of two Harlequin titles Tuesday night and have 30 pages left of the second one. Hope to finish it tonight and get Brave Dan done tomorrow, so I can enjoy myself at San Japan on Saturday.

Speaking of San Japan… HamletMachine will be there!! I’m gonna try and get a picture with her, but that’ll probably depend on busy she is. It’ll definitely be an exciting day!

Tomorrow’s Friday, so wishing y’all an early TGIF!

More Harlequin?!

Just checked my email and found out I’ll be working on 2 Harlequin titles the next 2 weeks!! *scream face*

Now I really need to work my schedule so I can get Brave Dan (30 pages left) and Kaempfer v03 (15 pages lettered) done. The stress is pouring on since next weekend I’ll be at San Japan.

So much for taking a leisure break this weekend and enjoying the World Cup finals. GO Germany!! Wir werden es schaffen!!

Long weekend over and now back to work

Hope everyone had a fun filled Independence Day weekend!

I definitely did. Took Thursday (my bday) off and watched Transformers 4! Highly recommend y’all watch it. Definitely my favorite out of the four.

The rest of the weekend, I basically lazed around and relaxed. Watched some of the new summer anime and shortened my “to read” stack of manga. Didn’t touch my Mac at all till today, which was refreshing.

Now it’s back to lettering Brave Dan… Need to finish it this week so I can start on Kämpfer v03 next weekend.

Wishing y’all a wonderful week!!