Boy’s Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 2

English Title: Boy’s Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 2
Japanese Title: Shōnen shinka-ron purasu 2
少年進化論 Plus 2
Mangaka: Toshiki Kusanagi
Japanese Publisher: Soubisha
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Shojo, Slice of Life
Synopsis: The super-popular idol, Mizuki Aso (real name: Naoki Fujisaki), is actually a 29-year-old posing as a 16-year-old. On top of that, he has a son named Sana who looks just like him, and because of this, he sometimes dumps his idol job on him. Despite it all, Sana feels that it’s just his father’s strange way of showing his affection. One day, up-and-coming idol Mikiya Shido transfers to Sana’s school. Mikiya has an almost fanatic sense of rivalry towards Mizuki, and when he sees that Sana looks just like him…

Ebook Available: eManga

New titles now available

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y’all!

Oops! I haven’t been keeping up with the titles I’ve lettered as they release, which led to this LONG list of link updates. Onward to the links!

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4 Days till AnimeFest 2014!

Happy Monday, y’all!

Just four days till AnimeFest 2014!! I’m SO excited! I’ve already marked the panels I want to attend and it looks like this year I’ll be running from panel to panel with only 1-2 hours breaks for lunch & dinner. The most anticipated panel for me is late Friday afternoon… Meet and Greet with FLOW! *fangirling* This’ll be FLOW’s 2nd time in the US and 2nd time at AFest! I was at AFest 2006 when they were the Musical Guest of Honor! Can’t wait to sing along to all the songs at the concert Saturday. >_<

Anyways, my panel is still scheduled for Friday at 7:00 PM in Panel Room 6. I have a LOT I want to convey to the attendees, so here's to a fun and eventful panel!

Lettering update… Over the weekend I didn't get as much done as I wanted on Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 2 (v03 in Boy Evolution series) due to food poisoning. T-T I do have at least a quarter of the book lettered, so I'm still keeping a good pace. *crosses fingers*

Wishing y'all a wonderful week!