New titles now available

Happy Hump Day and New Comic Book Day, y'all! Oops! I haven't been keeping up with the titles I've lettered as they release, which led to this LONG list of link updates. Onward to the links! Harlequin (More e-book platforms) At the Italian's Command - comiXology Billionaire on Her Doorstep - eManga | comiXology Blackmailed… Continue reading New titles now available

More Harlequin Titles now available on Renta! and kobo

Happy New Comic Book Day, y'all!! Looks like a lot of Harlequin titles are now available on other platforms. 2 new ones on Renta! and a whole bunch now on kobo. Billionaire on Her Doorstep - kobo Bought for the Marriage Bed - kobo (preview) The Bridesmaid's Reward - Renta! | kobo The Greek Billionaire's… Continue reading More Harlequin Titles now available on Renta! and kobo

More Harlequin Titles on Renta! and kindle

Happy Wednesday and New Comic Book Day!! Some more Harlequin titles went live on Renta! and Amazon this week. Billionaire on Her Doorstep - Renta! Game of Love - Renta! Her Royal Wedding Wish - Renta! The Royal Wedding Night - Renta! To Be a Husband - Kindle: USA, UK, Germany, Japan I'm still coding… Continue reading More Harlequin Titles on Renta! and kindle

Billionaire on Her Doorstep

Author: Ally Blake Artist: Kyoko Fumizuki Publisher: Harlequin Synopsis: With her marriage in shambles and divorce on the horizon, Maggie Bryce impulsively purchases an old, run-down house in scenic Sorrento, Australia. This sounds like an ideal investment for an artist of her caliber, but her emotional state has kept her from painting her next masterpiece.… Continue reading Billionaire on Her Doorstep