1 Week till AnimeFest & CTC GeekFest!!

Happy Friday, y'all!! I'm SOOOOOO excited for AnimeFest next week and can't contain myself. *chair dancing*Okay, back to being serious. I'll be in Dallas all 4 days (Friday-Monday) of AFest, so if you're attending check out my panel and/or workshop: Manga Lettering Workshop - 8/13 at 7 PM in W1Working in the Manga Industry -… Continue reading 1 Week till AnimeFest & CTC GeekFest!!

AnimeFest 2016 Panel & Workshop

It’s that time of the year again... Panel submissions and voting! Like last year, I’ll be presenting (when approved) my panel and workshop at AnimeFest 2016. If you’re an AnimeFest member, please vote for my panels (links are located below). If you’re not a member, I’d appreciate a signal boost! <3 Thanks! Manga Lettering Workshop… Continue reading AnimeFest 2016 Panel & Workshop