AnimeFest 2014 Pics and Another Lettering Assignment

Happy Monday, y'all!! I finally got around to adding my AFest pics to my computer. *happy dance* I did take a few videos, too, but I haven't decided how I'm going to post them. Below are the best of the pictures I took, which I think are the same ones on my Instagram. Onto lettering… Continue reading AnimeFest 2014 Pics and Another Lettering Assignment

AnimeFest 2014 Day 2

G'mornin', y'all!! Day 2 was by far my favorite! Went to the dealer room, bought a mystery box that had a Light Yagami figure. >///< I was VERY pleased with it. Funimation Industry panel was also fun and I'm looking forward to quite a few of their upcoming releases like: Cowboy Bebop Complete Exclusive Premium… Continue reading AnimeFest 2014 Day 2

4 Days till AnimeFest 2014!

Happy Monday, y'all! Just four days till AnimeFest 2014!! I'm SO excited! I've already marked the panels I want to attend and it looks like this year I'll be running from panel to panel with only 1-2 hours breaks for lunch & dinner. The most anticipated panel for me is late Friday afternoon... Meet and… Continue reading 4 Days till AnimeFest 2014!