Harlequin Lettering Update

Happy Wednesday, y'all!! I've been away from my blogs the last 4 days and had SO many spam comments (60 total). T_T Sadly, most of them were bots. Still sifting through them, but I did get another Harlequin title completed. ^_^_v Also, SXSW Gaming Expo was pretty cool and the weather was perfect! The arcade… Continue reading Harlequin Lettering Update

2015 Conventions I’ll be attending

G'morning and Happy Sunday, y'all! I'll be attending more conventions this year than in the past. Normally I budget for 2-3 conventions/year, but I thought 2015 would be a good year to broaden that to 5-6 conventions. Already struck one-off the list, IKKiCON. Now I have: SXSW 2015 Gaming Expo A-kon 2015 San Japan 8bit… Continue reading 2015 Conventions I’ll be attending