Bleach ch628-631 & Folie À Deux *spoilers*

Happy Thursday, y'all!! Last night I caught up on Weekly Shonen Jump (4 issues). I'm embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget that there's a new issue until like four or five issues have released. Onto the main point of this post. Oh!! Spoilers ahead!! Images from Have I mentioned how much I LOVE… Continue reading Bleach ch628-631 & Folie À Deux *spoilers*

Bleach ch625-626 Reaction *Spoiler Warning*

I try to not do more than 1 post a day, but I just couldn't contain myself!! >_< Just finished reading last and this week's Weekly Shonen Jump and... Grimmy!!! >///< I'm SO pumped to cosplay him as one of my cosplays for the summer/fall conventions. Funny thing is I had to re-read both chapters… Continue reading Bleach ch625-626 Reaction *Spoiler Warning*

Warning: Fangirl Post Ahead (spoilers)

Happy Monday, y'all!! Just finished reading Weekly Shonen Jump and BLEACH Ch624 stood out above all the others. If you haven't read the latest WSJ, then enter at your risk since there are spoilers below the cut. OH. MY GOODNESS!! Grimmjow's back?! Grimmjow's my favorite, so I was really sad when he was putout of… Continue reading Warning: Fangirl Post Ahead (spoilers)