2022 AniMay Reading Challenge

AniMay was another extensive reading challenge this year, which got interrupted the last 2 weekends because of out of state trips for high school graduations.

I read a total of 55 books, which included these types of formats: light novels, manga volumes, webtoons, webnovels, serialized chapters, etc. Y’all can checkout the short video below to seen some of the titles or head over to my Goodreads list.

I actually read more than 55 books, but Goodreads doesn’t get updated as frequently when webtoons or webnovels get licensed. I noticed the app-based webtoons/webnovels can only be found once they have print/kindle editions available.

Did y’all read anything good in the month of May of recently? Feel free to comment below.

Wishing y’all a wonderful start to a new week.