Where’d the months go?!

Hey y’all! Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post.

Since my last post, I went back to the store Memorial Day weekend and I will say that social distancing in the store has been very hard especially with customers. [internal rant] Why don’t our customers know what 6 feet looks like and why can’t they wear their masks properly?! [end rant] This new normal is weird, but necessary.

The U.S. is the only country who hasn’t taken COVID-19 as seriously as the rest of the world and we are now paying for it. City of Austin has extended their face mask mandate to November 12, so my team and I have already started putting together which masked characters we can dress up as for Halloween. My team always try’s to look at the bright side of everything.

On the freelance lettering side of work… I never stopped, so that’s been fun and exhausting. Especially recently because due date per book has been shortened from 7 to 5 days.

Paid content for my Ko-fi page is slowly coming together. It’s #3 on my daily priority list that sometimes gets pushed to the back burner due to my mental exhaustion after work.

Y’all stay safe and healthy.🤙