I’ve been a very busy bee!

Holy moly! It’s been over a month since I last posted. Boy that month went by like a flash. Onwards to the updates…

As some of y’all may know, Amazon opened their 14th Amazon Books location in Austin, TX at The Domain on March 6th and I’m working there full-time. I love working in a bookstore, but it’s also very taxing on my body since I’m not used to standing/walking for 8 hours. Here’s to my body adapting quickly, so I can enjoy working more. If any of y’all are in The Domain, come on by and check out the store.

I updated my 2018 Conventions post. My niece is turning 16 and asked me to attend Atlanta Comic Con with her as her gift from me, so of course I couldn’t refuse. In mid-July, I’ll be in Atlanta, Georgia. Another change, I won’t attend AnimeFest 2018 since I completely took over all the CTC GeekFest Comic Jam planning and will have to man our table for the whole weekend.

That’s all the updates I have for now. Hope y’all have a wonderful week!