AnimeCTX, AnimeFest 2017, & CTC GeekFest 2017

T.G.I.Friday, y’all!! I hope your week is going great. The last couple weekends I’ve attended a few conventions and instead of doing individual posts for each, I’m putting them all under one. First up is AnimeCTX. Note: Remember all my pictures are posted to my instagram: cgcornett.


This is a new summer anime convention, run by the staff of IKKiCON. When I first heard about it, I was intrigued and immediately bought my badge. My intention was to go as an attendee, but I love presenting my industry panel at smaller conventions. Since I became a panelist, I received a panelist badge.

  • Jerry Jewell Ask Me Anything
    Hilarious! Of course some Yuri!!! On Ice questions were asked and my favorite question was: “Were you surprised at how Yuri!!! On Ice exploded with the fans?” He answered by explaining that he nor FUNimation had any idea of what they had and only a few of the cast new how the fans were responding on social media.
  • Freelancing in the Manga Industry
    I had a nice turnout. The room was two thirds to a three quarters full and seventy-five percent of them stayed till the end. A lot of great questions were asked and I answered them to the best of my ability.

My panel was the last one I attended, due to having to be back home for a family get together, but the few hours I was there were highly entertaining and I look forward to next year.

AnimeFest 2017

Day 1
Wow! Talk about a whirlwind of a day. Went to the Dealer Room twice, bought 2 blind box figures: Free! Eternal Summer & Naruto Shippuden; Yuri!!! On Ice poster blind box, some Pocky, and Apphia Yu & Micah Solusod graphic novel: Ties That Bind. Stopped by the Artist Alley twice, bought 3 poster prints & 5 mini-prints from REM’s table and bought 3 poster prints from mmmoah. I may go back Day 2 and buy a dakimakura from mmmaoh. I just love her art.

  • Drawing with Arina Tanamura
    Tanemura-sensei was live drawing the next chapter of Idol Dream and answering our questions. I was curious about what application she used, so I asked and she uses Clip Studio for her manga and Photoshop for character designs, fan art, etc.
  • Japanese Guests Autograph Session
    This was ridiculous. Normally I can get all the autographs I want on Day 1, but this year that didn’t work out. I was in the second overflow line. When it was halfway through the time allotted for the autographs and we hadn’t moved, I got out of the line and walked around the Artist Alley.
  • Meet Micah Solusod and Apphia Yu
    I always enjoy their panels. Apphia is the founder of Sake Visual, a visual novel company, and is selling hard copies of Jinsei and Backstage Pass at their Dealer Room table along with this graphic novel.
  • Opening Ceremony
    Came late to the opening ceremony at the Majestic, but it was fun seeing ALL the guests get introduced. Plus there was a bar, so I got to have my shot of whiskey while enjoying the intros.
  • Movie Premiere: The Napping Princess
    OMGoodness! What an awesome movie. If you get a chance to watch it… GO! The animation was beautiful and I loved the story.

The movie ended around 11:30 PM, so we headed back to the room and passed out. Onwards to Day 2!

Day 2
So I totally went and bought a Victor (Yuri!!! On Ice) dakimakura from mmmaoh.

  • Japanese Guests Autograph Session (2nd try)
    Same as yesterday, but SO much worse. I didn’t even bother with trying to stand in line. It was just plane ridiculous. *insert sobbing face* This may be the first AFest where I don’t get any autographs. I’ve never seen it this packed for autographs.
  • Video Game Voice Acting
    Q & A session with Monic Rial, Jeremy Inman, Morgan Berry, Alejandro Saab, and Daman Mills. Highly entertaining panel. Laughed so hard my sides hurt by the end. Ian Sinclair kept throwing questions at the panelists from the back. Just plain fun.
  • Let’s Make a Visual Novel
    Audience participation was mandatory since the goal is creating a visual novel as a group. The game is called “A Pirate for Your Thoughts” and the main character Jerry Toupaaaaay is a cinnamon roll therapist. His patient is Ed Waters, a hydrophobic pirate. Had SO much fun during the panel.
  • LM.C Concert at the Majestic
    Had a blast at the concert and woke up this morning hoarse.

Day 3
Last day for me at AFest, but it was full of fun. Stopped at the Dealer Room one last time for some snacks and spent most of the day in panels or waiting in line for panels.

  • Voice Actors Draw
    Apphia Yu, Micah Solusod, Monica Rial, and Josh Grelle each had to draw a character they voiced and while drawing said character, they had to explain to the other 3 actors on how to draw that character. This was highly entertaining. A whole lot of laughing going on.
  • Yuri vs. Kyo! The Last Show Down
    Initially was supposed to be Fruits Basket centered, but ended up being a more open commentary type of panel. Eric Vale and Jerry Jewell cracked jokes with each other and answered any questions we had for them.
  • Meet Ian Sinclair!
    I can explain this is one word… HILARIOUS!! Ian always has his panel be video/photography prohibited because he likes to be open and candid, which makes the panel entertaining.
  • FUNimation Industry Panel
    Wow! So many announcements! I didn’t realize they were going to be releasing so many titles in October & November. Some with awesome exclusives. Check my twitter & instagram for the pictures.

Another entertainingly fun day and was sad to leave, but I have to spend the last day of the weekend at CTC GeekFest.

CTC GeekFest 2017

I attended the last day of GeekFest and spent the whole time at our Artist Alley table for the Comic Jam, so I didn’t see or do anything else. I arrived at our table and my table-mate tells me: “You’re going to be mad. There were a lot of panels yesterday where the artist didn’t ink them.” Guess what I did the 6-7 hours there… Sat in a corner of our area and ink/cleaned the comic book panels. I was SO grateful when one of my artist friends came by the table and offered to help me ink/clean. He was my hero for the day. Did see some really cool cosplay, but didn’t get the chance to ask for a picture. Not to self: Don’t do 2 conventions in one weekend. I’m still recuperating.

All-in-all, the last three conventions were highly entertaining and fun, so I’m really looking forward to San Japan X Labor Day weekend. Sadly, I’ll only be attending one day due to my layoff from my main job, so I have to penny pinch for the time being till I get another full-time job.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!!