IKKiCON 2016

Happy New Year, y’all!! I hope your New Year’s celebration was fun! I spent New Year’s weekend at IKKiCON in Austin. I only attended 2 of the 3 days because one of my favorite Starbucks barista’s last day was New Year’s Day so I had to see him off. As always, check my instagram for all the pictures I took.

Day 1

I drove down to Austin early thinking I’d pickup my badge and then head to some panels, but that didn’t happen. I ended up standing in the pre-registration line for 2.5 hours. Then I headed down to the Dealer Room thinking, “I guess I’ll head to the Dealer Room, since I missed the morning panels I wanted to attend.” That didn’t happen, the Dealer Room didn’t open for another hour, but something awesome did occur. One of my childhood friends who recently moved back to Texas got in the Dealer Room line. Of course she didn’t recognize me since we haven’t seen each other for 4+ years and I’ve cut my hair really short. That hour passed by fast while we caught up. My main goal was to find snacks in the Dealer Room, but sadly there were no snack vendors. I ended up buying a SAIYUKI blind box figure and it was Goyjo!! *happy dance* This is only the second time out of all the blind box figures I’ve bought that it was my favorite character.

I cut the day short because I started to feel emotionally drained. I’m not used to being around crowds anymore and it tends to drain me. We’ll see if I make it to the New Years Dance in Day 2.

Day 2

The drive down had less traffic compared to Friday, which made the drive nice and unstressful. I caved and bought Snow White with the Red Hair Season 1 Boxed Set and The Devil is a Part-timer?! Series Boxed Set at Funimation’s table. By buying 2 items, I got a special gift with purchase of an autographed insert with Brina Palencia, Austin Tindle, & Jamie Marchi(?). I can barely make out the 3rd signature. Anyways, I attended some panels, so let’s get to them.

  • Webcomics 101 presented by Starfish
    Highly informative tips and tricks for starting, working on, and publishing your webcomic. I myself never plan to create a webcomic, but I do love to hear how the creators do it. I’ve read some of her comic on Tapastic, but sadly I’m behind. *nervous chuckle* I do recommend y’all check her comic Castoff out.
  • Fashion Show presenting Saki Tachibana’s Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates fashion lines
    Really adorably, cute designs!! I myself don’t wear dresses or the lolita style, but it is just SO cute to look at. I was actually surprised there are pantsuits designed for men and women in her line. Highly entertaining show.
  • Funimation Industry Panel presented by Tara
    As always, Funimation puts on an entertaining panel. Watched dub previews of the current simuldubs, current home video releases, upcoming home video releases, and upcoming theatrical releases.
  • Funimation Lounge
    Finally experienced it!! It was fun hanging out with others fans and comfortably watching/chatting about anime.
  • New Years Dance
    *nervous chuckle* I didn’t make it to the New Years Dance. I left Austin at 23:00.

In Conclusion…

It was definitely a fun way to ring in the New Year. IKKiCON 2016 was fun, but wished there were more video rooms (again). For next year, I’m going to buy the VIP passes so I don’t have to wait in line forever just to pick up my badge.

Wishing y’all a lovely start to 2017!! <3

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