Updates, Orange Junk Kickstarter, and Black Friday Deals

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!

In preparation of family visiting for Thanksgiving, I spend all Monday cleaning out the guest room and in the process I came across an old picture of my gymnast self, my late sister’s art portfolio, box of her manga, and a memorial poster her fellow servers at Texas Roadhouse created. So what was supposed to be a spring cleaning kind of day turned out to be an emotional (in a good way) day.

Like I mentioned in my last update, I plan to get through my drafts and hopefully get them completed along with working my part-time job and working on some lettering contracts. Now on to the good stuff… Sparkler Monthly Kickstarter and Black Friday deals!



Sparkler Monthly’s current kickstarter is to print volumes 2-3 and possibly 4 of Orange Junk. Orange Junk is a comedic love letter in the same vein as Ouran High School Host Club and Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. I highly recommend y’all give this series a try and then back the kickstarter.

Black Friday Deals

These are just some of the online deals I’ve come across.

I’m wishing everyone a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much! xD

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