CTC GeekFest 2016

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

I realized last night that I hadn’t posted any CTC Geekfest updates with all the information about the festival. So here goes…

If you’re in the Killeen/Fort Hood area, come check out CTC Geekfest: August 12-14. My department, CTC Online High School, will be sponsoring the GeekFest Jam 2016. Like last year, we’ll have a feature artist who starts the comic story and attendees can add comic panel(s) to further the plot. GeekFest Jam 2015’s comic book was funny, interesting, and intriguing.

For this year, we’ve launched a Cover Contest. For all the details and to submit an entry, check here. I’m the touch-up artist/letterer for the final comic and judging the cover contest, so I’m looking forward to all the art!

Now, you’re probably wondering, “How much does this cost me?” Here’s the breakdown for the wristbands: Kids under 13 are Free. Buy online now.

In Advance
July 1-August 11
At the door
VIP Pass $50 (50 total VIPs)
Not available
3-day $20 (includes 5 opportunity prize tickets) $30
$25-CTC ID/Military ID
1-day $10 $15
$12-CTC ID/Military ID

NOTE: I won’t be manning the Artist Alley table like last year, since I’m committed to AnimeFest 2016-AnimeFest 2018. I will be putting the comic book together: cleaning, touching up the art (if necessary), lettering (if necessary), panel layout, and final proofing.