Hiatus lifted!!

Whoa! Where’d the time go?! What was supposed to be just 1-2 weeks turned into over a month haitus. Work’s been keeping me really busy and I hope it slows down soon since I kinda miss doing my weekly updates.

Anyways, on-wards to the post!!

My short trip to Germany was fun, but of course TOO short.

  • Had a lovely time at my cousin’s wedding.
  • Had fun visiting my Godmother.
  • Wished I could’ve had more time to see and get to know my cousins’ kids.
  • Visited my great-uncle and of course he tried to get me to drink his wine. *psst* It’s REALLY strong wine that he makes himself, so drink at your own risk.
  • Bought a few *cough* BS *cough* manga. Check my instagram for the images.
    • Back Stage!! Light Novel Band 1-3
    • Prinzessin Sakura Band 4
    • Schlaflose Nächte Band 1
    • Junjo Romantica Band 12-13
    • Unterm Wolkenhimmel Band 6
    • Midnight Wolf Band 2-4
    • Küss mich, Student Sammelband 1-2
    • Midnight Secretary Sammelbox
    • A Foreign Love Affair Perfect Edition
    • Seven Days Perfect Edition Band 1
    • Des Teufels Geheimnis Perfect Edition
    • Kleiner Schmetterling und mehr Artbook
    • Demon King Camio Band 1-2
    • :REverSAL Band 1
    • Die rothaarige Schneeprinzessin Winter Pack
    • Sternensammler Heft 1
    • TOKYOPOP’s Juli Programm
    • TOKYOPOP’s I LOVE SHOJO Magazin for Spring
  • Bought Kinder chocolate, which is now all gone.

Over the last two-three weeks, I’ve been working on a couple of manga titles. I’ll add them to my Titles I’ve Lettered page once I get the cover images.

Oh! Before I forget, I created a Facebook page. I’ll start cross-posting to it instead of my personal profile.

That’s all for now. Wishing y’all a lovely week!

4 thoughts on “Hiatus lifted!!”

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time.

    Shirayuki, come to America! And that Midnight Secretary box is so nice!

    Just wondering, for titles like Princess Sakura, is it just cheaper in Germany than buying Viz’s version? Or did you just start with the Tokyopop version?

    1. Thanks!
      Yes! It seriously does need to come to the US!!
      Ain’t it though?! I haven’t unwrapped it yet because it looks too pretty. 😍
      I started with Princess Sakura in German 2-3 years before viz announced their license.

      1. Wow, they must have snapped up that license right away. Didn’t seem like Viz waited that long…well, at least compared to stuff like Yona. >_>

        1. I was surprised that TOKYOPOP picked up the title so fast. If I remember correctly, at the time I bought volumes 1-3 (2010) there were only 6 volumes in Japan, so TP caught up fast to Japan.

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