CTC Geekfest 2016

Happy Thursday, y’all!

We had our first CTC Geekfest committee meeting last week and here are the highlights.

CTC Geekfest 2016 will be held August 12-15 on the Central Texas College campus in Killeen, TX.
Some of the special guests were teased to us.
Discussed some new ideas for tabletop/LAN/retro gaming.
Geekfest Comic Book Jam is back!! We’re planning a cover contest for the comic book, which should go live sometime this month. *fingers crossed*
Wristbands are now on sale and can be bought online. Here’s the pricing breakdown:

Early Bird
Now-June 30
In Advance
July 1-August 11
At the door
VIP Pass (Limited to 50) $40 $50 Not available
3-day $15 $20 $30
$25-CTC Students/Military
1-day N/A $10 $15
$12-CTC Students/Military

Geekfest is less than 7 months away, so we have to start organizing early.

Sadly, I won’t be attending since it collides with AnimeFest and I’m already committed to AFest. I will be helping with all the up-till August 12th comic book preparations.

Back to the Comic Book Jam…
Cover Contest: Submissions open sometime in February and will close May 21. I’ll be one of the judges and most likely the contestant’s point of contact.
During Geekfest: My fellow subcommittee members will be manning the AA table, which means I need to find someone to take over my logistics tasks (cashier, getting contact info for artists/customers, scanning completed panels, start cleaning said scans, etc.). It’s going to be interesting since I kept everything in order at our table. ^_^_v
After Geekfest: I’ll be doing all the cleaning, art touchups, lettering (if necessary), and comic book layout.

Next general committee meeting will be in April, but I’ll post updates for the comic book jam as they are announced.

Wishing y’all a beautiful afternoon!