2016 Conventions

It’s getting close to the end of 2015, so it’s about time to start listing off the conventions I plan to attend in 2016.

  • Heart of Texas Comic Con
    • March 11-13 in Waco, TX
  • SXSW Gaming Expo
    • March 17-19 in Austin, TX
  • August 12-15
  • Will not make it to…
    • YaoiCon 2016
    • New York Comic Con 2016
    • San Japan 009


Like last year, I plan to do my panel and workshop again at AFest. Sadly, I won’t be at Geekfest in person since the dates now conflict with AFest, but I’m still part of the Comic Book committee.

I may not have the means to attend YaoiCon and/or NYCC, due to putting my truck in the shop twice since Christmas and my 2 international trips this year: Okinawa trip (early January) and attending my cousin’s wedding in Germany (mid April). I’ll still keep them on my list and hope that I’ll get a lot of comics/manga contract between now and then.

**UPDATE #2**

As I feared, I will barely have the means to pay for the hotels for the summer conventions, so I’ve nixed YaoiCon & NYCC from my list. I’m sad that I won’t attend YaoiCon especially with Takanaga-sensei being the guest of honor, but I gotta live life, too.

**UPDATE #3**

Sadly, I’ve also had to drop San Japan from my convention list this year. I barely had the means to book my hotel room for AnimeFest because of friends cancelling on me due to work. Being an adult sucks sometimes, but it’s life.

Some good news! My presentation times for AnimeFest went up, so if you’re attending AFest come on by.

  • Manga Lettering Workshop
    • Saturday, August 13th at 7 PM in Workshop Room 1
  • Working in the Manga Industry
    • Sunday, August 14th at 9 AM in Panel Room 1

Keep checking back to this post for updated info.
Updated: August 18, 2016

4 thoughts on “2016 Conventions”

  1. You can go ahead and turn that ? on NYCC 2016 into a period. Or even eliminate it. It’s definitely not needed =p

    1. LOL. It all depends on how many vacation hours I’ll have saved up by May, but I’m definitely trying to make it to NYCC.

    1. Yup. Would attend more cons, but will be visiting Germany in April, so have to scratch the April-May cons.

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