New Harlequin Title now available

I hope y’all are having a splendid Friday.

From last week’s release it looks I missed that Her Longed-For Family also was available. Plus, more titles are now available on kobo, so here are the links:

I’ll add Her Longed-For Family‘s Book Info post later today or over the weekend depending on when I’ll get on the my home computer.

In other news, Wednesday I wanted to buy the next volumes of My Magic Fridays and possibly start buying Blue Spring Ride on kobo and came to find out that they are now region-locked. This highly saddened me since all Tokyopop (TP) GmbH’s titles on kobo are $3.99, which is about 50% less than the print copies €6.95 (~$7.78) plus shipping (ranges from €3-26 depending on weight). I was confused over why I was before able to buy the titles, but now can’t. So I asked TP in a tweet and to their tumblr (frag-i-love-shojo) and below are the responses.

Interpreted tumblr answer (privately):

Hey. We only have the license for the German market and not the global market, which was our mistake. We sincerely apologize for the trouble.

Twitter response:

We have the license for the German market only. Sorry.

As a bilingual manga fan, it really hurt my heart that I can’t read any further on My Magic Fridays digitally unless it becomes available on the German iBooks Store. Funny thing is that it’s effected all TP titles that released in September and I’m guessing from on. It completely surprised me too that the Japanese publishers still place region restrictions on the licenses since the manga market IS a global marketplace.

I guess I better get all the TP titles I can on kobo before they’re all placed under the region block. I’ll also get off my soap box for now.

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!!

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    1. I know! -_-
      I’ve been thinking over the restriction and wondering it its just an IP address check, so I’m going to test it out in April when I’m in Germany.

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