CTC Geekfest 2015

Cover Artist: Bryan Douglas
Hey y’all! Hope your week is going wonderfully!

I spent most of all three days in the Artist Alley (AA) manning the CTC Geekfest Comic Book Jam. The few times I ventured out was for my panels, to eat, or after AA closed for the night. So here goes…

Day 1

Like any day 1, it was kinda slow. By the end of the night, we had a total of 8 panels from the comic jam complete and the story was off to a good start. The Comic Culture panel was quite interesting. Learned some things about the history of comics from some gentlemen who’ve been collecting since the mid-50s. I didn’t get to say much about the manga side of the culture, but did get my 2 cents in about comics. Since AA didn’t close till 10 PM, I headed back to the table

Taken during the Comic Culture panel. Image Source from CTC Geekfest Facebook Page
Taken during the Comic Culture panel.
Image Source from CTC Geekfest Facebook Page
and heard the music from the Yule Ball. The DJ mostly played music from the 80s and 90s, so my table-mates and I were singing/dancing to the music. Side Note: Since my hair wouldn’t spike how I wanted for my fem!Grimmjow cosplay, I had to improvise hence the side part on my hair in the pic.

Day 2

This was the LONG day. I woke up late and was rushing to Geekfest since I was presenting my Manga Lettering 101 workshop. In my rush I forgot to grab my workbooks I was going to hand out to the panel attendees and had to kinda wing it. It all turned out good since I’m good at winging it. Also met one of the local creators I follow on twitter after corresponding with each other over the last year. After my panel, I headed over AA to check on how the comic jam was going and while I was gone we were up to 16 panels complete. By closing time (at 6 PM), we had a total of 26 panels done and a LOT of the Geekfest staff were excited to see how the story would end. After closing up, I headed over to the other building to get dinner before the CTC Geekfest 5k Glow Run at the gym. Since I woke up late, I didn’t spray my hair blue for my Kuroko cosplay, but that was kinda good due to sweating a LOT during the Glow Run. >_< Immediately after the Glow Run, I headed back down campus to give my Working in the Manga Industry panel. I will say I was surprised to have 12-15 people waiting in the room when I arrived. Due to my panel being at 9 PM, I had expected at most 5 people to attend so I was happy about the turnout. My panel was the last one in the room for the night, so I was given permission to extend my 1hr duration if I chose to. My presentation lasted 45 minutes and then a 45 minute Q & A session/discussion. I had originally planned to attend the after party (unofficial) once my panel ended, but the Glow Run and all the walking around throughout the day wore me out so I headed home instead.

Day 3

The last day was another short one. Decided to not wear my Haruhi cosplay, because it was HOT and ended up wearing one of my Naruto shirts with my acid wash skinny jeans. While prepping for AA to open, I started scanning and cleaning the finished panels. Once 2:30 PM rolled around, we had a 32 panels totals and 4 artists working on the next 4 panels. I had to head out to present my Working the Manga Industry panel at 3 PM. The second go around didn’t have as nice of a turnout as the previous night, but still had some really good questions asked. After my panel concluded, I went to check-in with the volunteer/staff coordinator to see if they’d need me for something. They told me I was free to do what I want, so I walked around a bit, got my picture taken with Michelangelo (TMNT), grabbed some dinner, and then headed home.

All in all I greatly enjoyed my Geekfest experience. Some really great cosplay for the Costume Contest and Cosplay Skit Contest. I’d definitely recommend y’all check out the CTC Geekfest Facebook page and search: #CTCGeekfest for the photos. Also, if y’all didn’t get a chance to order the CTC Geekfest Comic Book while at Geekfest, then order a copy here.

Sadly I won’t be able to attend next year, but I’ve been asked to still be on the committee and I said “Sure.” Most likely the Comic Book Jam will return next year since we had such a lovely turnout.

Now I have to get back to putting the comic book together. Wishing y’all a lovely week!!

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