Almost time for CTC Geekfest 2015

CTCGeekfest2015_flyerHappy Tuesday, y’all!

T-3 days till CTC Geekfest 2015! Y’all have 2 days left to grab your 3-day passes at the discounted price of $20. The Event Schedule is FINALIZED!! You can view the entire schedule or by-day here. As a reminder, here are my panels:

  • Friday, August 14
    • *NEW* Comic Culture Panel at 7:00 PM Note: I’ll be attending this panel as a guest panelist.
  • Saturday, August 15
    • Manga Lettering Workshop at 12:00 PM
    • Working in the Manga Industry at 9:00 PM
  • Sunday, August 16
    • Working in the Manga Industry at 3:00 PM

Also since there are no new releases or updates to announce from my lettered titles, this will be the last update till next week. Look forward to my event post sometime next week.

Until then! Wishing y’all a beautiful week!!

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