The Greek Billionaire’s Baby Revenge

Author: Jennie Lucas
Artist: Eiko Hanamura
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: Working as Nikos’s secretary, Anna soon found herself in his bed…and pregnant with his child. Anna’s love for Nikos carried her to this point, but after the pregnancy she felt as though Nikos was distancing himself from her. He drove her and their baby away…and he hired a new secretary to take Anna’s place.! Later Nikos comes after Anna to reclaim his baby, but she isn’t about to give him up without a fight. So she goes back with Nikos to try to keep her child. As she spends time with Nikos and starts to see him as a father, her love for him grows. But when Nikos decides to hire another woman to be his secretary, she tries to find a way to leave through an old family friend. Nikos is trying to figure out his feelings for Anna, but will he figure them out in time to save them both?
Ebook Available: kindle, nook, kobo, Renta!, comiXology