A Royal Bride at the Sheikh’s Command

A Royal Bride at the Sheikh's CommandAuthor: Penny Jordan
Artist: Takako Hashimoto
Publisher: Harlequin
Synopsis: Natalia Carini is a master massage therapist who’s devised a technique that has healed many people after years of pain. When a new patient, a polo player, comes in, she gets a bit too wrapped up in the massage and absent-mindedly slides from business to pleasure. What would be a faux pas with any customer is magnified when she finds out that he’s not just a polo player, he’s Prince Kadir of Hadiya… and her future husband! Will the future queen be able to convince Kadir that she’ll make him a worthy wife?
Ebook Available: kindle, kobo, nook, Renta!, comiXology

Note: Title was enjoyable to letter, but the story seems to have been a little awkwardly adapted. Haven’t gotten the chance yet to compare it to the original novel. I would still recommend it.