Card Master

Happy Thursday, y’all!!

Yesterday was new release day on Renta! and one of the new titles was Card Master!! *\(^o^)/* I loved lettering this shojo title… it has supernatural/paranormal elements and a little hint of shonen-ai. Renta! released chapters 1-5, but based on the preview pages for ch5 it looks like they may have gotten the chapter to page count wrong. Chapter 5 preview is the first 4 pages of ch6, but check it out for yourselves!

Card Master by Gin Tokiwa & Hana YakouEnglish Title: Card Master
Japanese Title: Kado Masuta カードマスター
Author: Hana Yakou
Artist: Gin Tokiwa
Japanese Publisher: Media Factory
English Publisher: Digital Manga Guild
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Shojo
Synopsis: Card Masters are individuals who have a contract with a single tarot card. Card Masters enjoy immortality. Card Masters wander in search of other gifted individuals. Card Masters also search for books possessed by spirits either of good or bad intentions. Join Keith and Alex as they journey through Europe completing tasks that only Card Masters can fulfill. If given the opportunity of immortality what would be your decision? Would you take it and live as Card Masters do or would you go on with your normal life, destined for death when the time comes?
License Expired
eBook Available: Renta!, BookWalker