CTC Geekfest 2015 Panel and Workshop

Happy Hump Day, y’all!!

Yesterday I submitted 1 panel and 1 workshop to CTC Geekfest 2015. If they get accepted, which I think they will. *fingers crossed* I’ll present my Working in the Manga Industry panel and give a Manga Lettering 101 workshop. The workshop will be interesting since I’ve never taught lettering basics to a group. I’m thinking I’ll do a mini textbook/guidebook, which I believe will be easier to teach from than a PowerPoint. I have SO much prepping and printing to do. >_<

I also want to mention that CTC Geekfest is looking to increase the comic presence at the convention, so they’ve added an Artist Alley to the Vendor area. (Artist Alley form) If you know any artists in the Killeen/Fort Hood or Central Texas area, please spread the word! I would LOVE to see some indie publishers and self-publishing artists/authors.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “CTC Geekfest 2015 Panel and Workshop”

    1. Me, too! xD
      The convention takes place at my job, so I know they really want more comic/manga presence. I just hope they don’t reject my submissions due to time constraints. >_< *crosses fingers*

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