2015 Conventions I’ll be attending


G’morning and Happy Sunday, y’all!

I’ll be attending more conventions this year than in the past. Normally I budget for 2-3 conventions/year, but I thought 2015 would be a good year to broaden that to 5-6 conventions. Already struck one-off the list, IKKiCON. Now I have:

August and September will be BUSY with a convention almost every weekend. >_< I’m really looking forward to the summer!!

Wishing y’all a wonderfully beautiful day!! I plan to enjoy this warm sunny day while I can before the next arctic front.

Updated: September 22, 2015

6 thoughts on “2015 Conventions I’ll be attending

  1. Luckyyyyyy. Sounds like a lot of fun for 2015. AnimeFest has been a dream of mine for a few years now! Q u Q One of my roommates keeps telling me about / wants to take me to A-Kon one day, and I would be super excited to go to Yaoi Con this year. 😀 *crosses fingers*

    • It’d be nice to meet in person since it seems that my friends end up bailing on me for AnimeFest. Down side of being a working adult. T_T
      I’ve been to A-Kon once and was disappointed, but I’ll keep my expectations low if I decide to go.
      Or if you can make it to YaoiCon… Awesome!! xD

      • That would be nice! I’ve tried going to AnimeFest for years and have ended up in the same situation. So I’ve been going to All-Con by myself for about three years now. ^^;;
        I’m guessing things were bad when you went? YaoiCon should be easier for me to save up for. I just looked at nightly room prices, so I’m gong to have to work hard. :’D

        • It wasn’t that bad, but it’s more fun with friends.
          I agree the room rates are a little high, but they’re doable. I’m rooting for you to get the money saved up!! ^_^_v

    • Lol. No bias. I’ve never been to California, so this’ll be a first. I do plan in the near future to make it out to New York, just not in 2015. xD

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