2015 Conventions I’ll be attending

G’morning and Happy Sunday, y’all!

I’ll be attending more conventions this year than in the past. Normally I budget for 2-3 conventions/year, but I thought 2015 would be a good year to broaden that to 5-6 conventions. Already struck one-off the list, IKKiCON. Now I have:

August and September will be BUSY with a convention almost every weekend. >_< I’m really looking forward to the summer!!

Wishing y’all a wonderfully beautiful day!! I plan to enjoy this warm sunny day while I can before the next arctic front.

Updated: September 22, 2015

6 thoughts on “2015 Conventions I’ll be attending”

  1. Luckyyyyyy. Sounds like a lot of fun for 2015. AnimeFest has been a dream of mine for a few years now! Q u Q One of my roommates keeps telling me about / wants to take me to A-Kon one day, and I would be super excited to go to Yaoi Con this year. 😀 *crosses fingers*

    1. It’d be nice to meet in person since it seems that my friends end up bailing on me for AnimeFest. Down side of being a working adult. T_T
      I’ve been to A-Kon once and was disappointed, but I’ll keep my expectations low if I decide to go.
      Or if you can make it to YaoiCon… Awesome!! xD

      1. That would be nice! I’ve tried going to AnimeFest for years and have ended up in the same situation. So I’ve been going to All-Con by myself for about three years now. ^^;;
        I’m guessing things were bad when you went? YaoiCon should be easier for me to save up for. I just looked at nightly room prices, so I’m gong to have to work hard. :’D

        1. It wasn’t that bad, but it’s more fun with friends.
          I agree the room rates are a little high, but they’re doable. I’m rooting for you to get the money saved up!! ^_^_v

    1. Lol. No bias. I’ve never been to California, so this’ll be a first. I do plan in the near future to make it out to New York, just not in 2015. xD

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