IKKiCON 2015

IKKiCON badge, program, and Crunchyroll-hime sticker
Yesterday, I attended IKKiCON 2015 in Austin and had a lot of fun. I had planned to attend Friday too, but woke up Friday morning running a fever and really congested. Sad really since 2 panels I was looking forward to were Friday.

Attended 3 industry panels:

  1. Working in the Anime Industry presented by Miles (@milesexpress999 Crunchyroll Brand Manager)
    • Projector technicalities at the beginning, so Miles started with industry myths/forthcomings and any questions we had.
    • Explained that most of the jobs at Crunchyroll don’t require degrees if applicants have equivalent practical experience. (Crunchyroll Jobs)
    • Described his daily duties: checking email, freakouts over emails, data crunching, watching anime, and convention preparations.
  2. FUNimation Industry Panel presented by Justin Rojas (@JustRojas) and Lauren (I can’t remember her Twitter username).
    • Recap of Winter 2015 anime announcements.
    • Recap of Home Video releases with preview trailers.
  3. Crunchyroll Industry Panel presented by MilesALDNOAH.Zero S2 Poster
    • Projector technicalities at the begining, so Miles decided to give away CR subscriptions through trivia and small cosplay contest.
    • Announced 3 Winter 2015 anime: KanColle, ALDNOAH.Zero Season 2, and Durarara!!x2.
    • Ended panel with questions and handing out ALDNOAH.Zero S2 posters.
    • Miles kept us well entertained.

Free! Eternal Summer - Rei RyugazakiFinally hit up the Dealer Room after Crunchyroll’s panel and bought a Free! Eternal Summer blind box. I opened it this morning and it was Rei! Not my favorite character, but still cute.

Disadvantage(s): Dealer Room was REALLY packed. Not enough space in the aisles at ~5 ft in width.

  1. WELL organized.
  2. Really friendly con staff.
  3. Lovely location Downtown Austin.

All-in-all I highly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to IKKiCON 2016. It was a lovely way to start off 2015. I wish y’all a beautiful Sunday!!