Harlequin Manga Week Lettering Update

Happy Sunday, y’all!! I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with great food and company!

It’s been a busy week for me with 3 Harlequin titles to letter. Finished one Tuesday, completed the second one yesterday, and am now waiting on the script for the third one. I’ve cleaned and prepped the third title with the help of my mom. She’s SO sweet! She cleaned out the easy stuff and left the ones with redraws needed for me. ^_^_v Hopefully I get the script this afternoon, so I can get some of the pages done. *fingers crossed*

On another note, I checked eManga’s release schedule last night and noticed that At the Italian’s Command & Passion and the Prince will go up this week. I’ll post another update with the links probably on Wednesday.

Today is also 1st Advent, which means later this afternoon I’ll be going to an Adventskaffee and sing German carols over coffee/cake. I LOVE this time of the year for all the festivities!

Wishing y’all a wonderful start of this holiday season!! Frohe Weihnachtsfest!!